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KNA Connected

Nellie Ettison

Sound of Seduction

Rockers by Choice

Chief One


Dario Campeotto

Sasha Bach Band

Jonas Vincent Quartet

Thomas Franck

Debbie Cameron Gospel Group

Walter Clerici

Poul Reiman

Ray Pitts

MI Big-Band


Almost Arrangers Big Band




Mikkel Solnado (PT/DK)

Sean Kingston (USA)

Guido Martinës (ARG)

Junior Robinson (UK)

Solomon Facey (UK)

Emmanuel Waldron (UK)



As a band leader/co-leader:


Blue Page

Pan European Connection

Juncture (semi-finalist in Danish Jazz-competition)

Song of the Paddle (2. place in International music-competetion)

Also, numerous top 40 bands.


Mikkel Villingshøj


Drummer, Percussionist, Producer, Educator.


Mikkel started playing drums (and music) at the age of 14. Although a "late" starter, he progressed quickly, taking music more and more seriously throughout his teen years. Also, he started working as a musician around his native in North Zealand, Denmark. At age 20 he started his musical education at the Musical Ground Course of North Zealand, and at age 22, in 2001, he started studying at The Rythmic Musicconservatory of Denmark. That lasted until summer 2006 where he got his Masters Degree in Music.

Throughout his conservatory years he kept busy studying and playing around the Copenhagen area as well of the rest of Denmark and Europe in many different musical situations and genres. As of now Mikkel is freelancing around the Danish and European music scene and plays in many different constellations (see left sidebar).

"Freelancing is the perfect working situation for me", Mikkel says. "It gives me the opportunity to stay sharp in all the different musical genres I've studied over the years, be it jazz, rock, pop, fusion, hip-hop, gospel, big band, cover bands, top 40, whatever I find it challenging and rewarding to wear different caps, and be able to play all of this wonderful music."

In the most recent years Mikkel has been touring heavily with many of Denmark’s biggest names in Hip-Hop, R'nB and Gospel, and as a result of that he has become one of the most in-demand drummers of his country in these genres.

Mikkel also has a drum-recording studio where he tracks drums for different artists as well as his own projects and teaches private students.

Mikkel is the proud endorser of Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware, Anatolian Cymbals and StickWorks Drumsticks